How doers get more done ™ Need Help? Zoysia Gr Seeds Lowes. I ordered 2000 plugs from ZF in Feb 2002. How to use a Zoysia Farms coupon Sign up for the Zoysia Farms email list to have exclusive offers, discounts and coupon codes sent to your inbox. Zoysia is a hardy grass that requires less water than other grasses. To those who ordered in the winter / early spring, if you read the web site it says what time of year they ship. Now going to try it in S. TX! Zoysiagrass is extremely drought tolerant. Steve in Phoenix – posted 05 May 2004 16:53. I have full western exposure in Phoenix, AZ with clay soil. Grass seed, including Zoysia … I was in the process of ordering from Zoysia Farm, but after reading all the negative feed-back from you and others. Well, it seems the grass is always greener on the other side. 1. I ordered some as a test last year and they are doing OK. I live in Central Florida. Find Plug sod at Lowe's today. The one thing I’m still a bit worried about is that it will green up too late and brown too early each year due to the climate in my area (Southern New Hampshire). Warned me that the plugs looked dead when they arrive, but would green up. Plugs are dormant ( less water ) no maintenance. Financially sod is not something I want to do so I thought the plug thing would be a good piece of middle ground. You can also enter a custom spacing … I suspect if you can afford it, ideally have your yard power seeded with Zoysia. You can find some good deals in their clearance … Despite negative feedback I am still tempted to try it. I was not going to be able to plant for several days. I don’t want grass if it has to be mowed. Approximately 10-years, I placed an order with Zoysia Farms. ft.of my yard. BUYER BEWARE: Newspaper ads touting the advantages of Zoysiagrass sometimes appear in cities where cool season grasses are the norm. The only one I have is my stupid neighbor who hates the stuff. About 2-weeks ago I received my order (including plugger) from zoysiafarms. The soil has a lot of clay, but the soil was a bit damp when I used the tool and it was fine. Water them a little bit each day until you’re “good to go”. Zoysia seems like a great possible solution from the ad I read in the magazine. Until Zenith Zoysia came along, all Zoysia varieties had to be planted as expensive sod or plugs. I purchased $100.50 worth of dead plugs from this company in march of 1997. We have been battling Scottish Broom and pampas grass here in Northern California. I don’t know anything about Zoysia Farms, but I do know a thing or two about grass. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are living plugs that you only need to planted one time. Instead without notice they shipped us more plugs. If you’re looking for instant gratification from your hard work, zoysia isnt the answer. It makes the most beautiful lawn we have every had. Zoysia Grass lawns require less water, the do well in shaded areas and only needs to be mowed a few times a year. I used at the 4 inch setting. I am trying to get grass to grow in my yard with no luck. e-mail me at Thanks. I suggest everyone else do the same. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT … A good pesticide application about twice a year is helpful, because Zoysia can develop some bug problems. The Pennington seeds didn’t do well at all. I just came across this forum and see that no-one has poted to this group in awhile. Zoysia japonica, sometimes called “Japanese lawn grass” or “Korean lawn grass”, is a coarser textured, but more cold hardy species than Zoysia matrella. Just enter your square footage and select your spacing and press calculate. It is good that the ProPlugger stores quite a few plugs in the handle which saves time. It does require watering in real hot weather I hope this will help you lizzie. Zoysia Farms did honor their gaurantee and sent me another box. I highly recommend this grass. It took about 2 full seasons to choke everything out. In early summer, add a little sodium nitrate and Zoysia will turn beautiful emerald green color. I just sodded my entire back yard today with FLoratam. I cant wait to see the final result. You’re right–it does come in the box looking brown, but that doesn’t mean you got shafted. Now a plush Zoysia lawn can be yours with seeded Zenith Zoysia. He said that this grass would work well here. Buy more plugs. I just received 200 plugs from amount to test. No hassle at all & I would love to have it all over the yard. After two months, the roots are so established and deep, the runners are everywhere and I can’t pull then out of the ground!!!!! It sounds great but where does it come from? 5. Hey, folks–May I suggest a few tips on how to grow zoysia grass from a retired salesman with a nice front a back lawn in northern Jersey??? Vigorous growth habit. !..looks like zoysiafarms are having too many negatives to trust!…seems every once in a while they hit the jack pot!!! As I said this is just my experience. I bought this grass over a decade ago. Please email me at zia121@direcway.comThank you,Del. I live in Michigan, so you would think grass would be easy to grow. Very invasive root system that will crossover into your neighbors bluegrass lawn. South Florida Turfgrass Field Day and Expo. Zoysia Lawn From Plugs NEW Amazoy Super Plugs: Precut ready to plant 3x3 inch plugs. Nothing! I was upset that I ordered 2400 plugs and got 15 peices of sod. We live on a mountain and have been nursing a small yard for five years. See more info at Has anyone grown zoysia in south florida and if so how did it do? Does it work for you well? They send out dead plugs and don’t return emails. ... We planted zoysia plugs … WELL I HAVE READ GOOD AND BAD ON THIS LAWN PLUGS AND HAVE NOT SEEN MUCH FROM THE COMPANY TO BACK ITSELF UP ON THIS SO WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE PLEASE I WANT TO LEARN AND HERE MORE ON THIS. It is brown and does look like it won’t make it. It was all that it said it was and I was extremely happy! Thanks from Cleveland ,Texas. The Scotts brand seed are doing extremely well. They were a little brown, but green up very fast. We are a lifetime member of the Maryland Better Business Bureau and have been for 50 years. Most Zoysias should be mowed with a reel mower. Zoysia Grass lawns require less water, the do well in shaded areas and only needs to be mowed a few times a year. Zoysiagrasses are among the most wear tolerant turf grasses. However, I am now getting ready to plant a new front yard and might place a new order. Zoysia japonica was introduced into the United States in 1895 from the Manchurian Province of China. Do yourself a favor and look for EMPIRE zoysia in the 3″x3″ plugs. ‘Cause the rest of the day is the hotttest, and you’re waisting your time on the watering process. I live in Central Florida. I was very interested and showed my husband who said order it. I live in Lake Havasu City AZ.and the average summer daytime temperatures are 105 degrees. Does it work in hard/clay soil? If you follow this plan the grass will grow beyond your belief. Most can be cut at 1/2 inch up to 2 inches, which is much nicer to walk and play in than St. Augustine. Atlanta resident – posted 11 February 2003 15:50. Said he had been responsible for golf courses in Saudi Arabia. But from what I have read from replies, is it really worth it? Empire Zoysia Gr Plugs Box Of 72 For Online Ebay. Also, our Customer Service department will be able to you with further questions. So, they sent me a new batch. After 2 months of TLC, only a couple plugs showed any signs of life, and then it was only a couple green sprigs barely shooting up through the whole plug. The soil has to be fairly moist for it to work, and pushing the plug out got old. I live in Okla. And should of receved them at least a month ago. Our plugs are grown in the trays a rich soil mixture that feeds the Zoysia Plugs while they grow in your yard. However, their slow rate of growth gives them poor recuperative potential. You can use a push reel mower, but it is tiring. [/QUOTE], hasanchez – posted 11 February 2002 16:48, [we are in the process of ordering the plugs have you heard of any info on this company please let us know if you have. Simply plant each Super Plug into a shallow 1½ inch deep hole, approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. unbelieveable responses. It will spread into your flower beds; it will spread into your neighbors lawn; and, it will turn straw brown after the first heavy frost and remain brown well into April or later depending on your climate— long after most cool season grasses have greened up. Super Plugs we recommend from 2 plugs per square foot, up to 1 plug per 4 square feet. quote:Originally posted by Tampabeachbum:I just received 200 plugs from dahanks 4 dee advice. It expands sideways instead of growing taller, creating a thick, soft carpet to cover your lawn. it has some quirky chemical reactions, as well, so check with your local university for the correct weed control products to use on this grass- remember- you just spent alot of money for it. I would recommend this one (and it was about half the price of the Pennington.) Hello, I am about to try this product, could you please email me and tell me what you think of it and how it looks.Thanks dale. It’s not year round. But, it is a very nice grass. They were beautifully green and they came in a tray with individual plugs of grass. in the midwest and mid-south it acts like bermuda in that it stays brown at least 7-8 months out of the year. 2 of them got here when expected on a Friday. Perhaps that’s my fault, since I haven’t been cutting every week. Some are better than others at withstanding drought. Or, bite the bullet and sod any sloped areas, and plug the flatter areas. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are living plugs that you only need to planted one time. Compare. When I called them, they told me I had to cut them into peices myself. Model #ZOYSPLUG. Hope this helps a, patattack – posted 13 February 2003 15:55. Not so far. I think you just saved us a ton of money and time. green in atlanta – posted 26 February 2007 07:33. smallcraft50 – posted 04 September 2002 13:52, I have just heard about Zoysia and am searching the web for info. Great for high traffic areas. If they can’t treated their customer right they shouldn’t be in business!! We have been selling Amazoy (Meyer) zoysia since 1953 to millions of happy customers. If the soil is loose, take a straight-handled rake or a shovel, and poke holes in the ground! It may be brown when it arrives but if you keep it moist in the plastic wrapping in the box it keeps for several months while I plug in a little at a time. Quick guide on how to plant zoysia plugs. As I said, many fell apart (about 10% of them), but I would say that about 90% of the ones I planted became green and survived. Areas that receive less than 5 to 6 hours of sun will see competition between the zoysia … – posted 30 March 2003 13:09, louis porretto3904 lime stmetairie, la. I live in south florida.I seen an ad for zoysia in my sunday paper.Im still waiting for my order which has only been a week long. Our Zoysia Grass Plugs are a Nickel each, that's right a Nickel A Plug. apart, and grow together over time. Empire is much better than Meyer, it is greener, more drought tolerant, and much more resembles the existing fescue in my lawn which will eventually be taken over. This should only be done after danger of a hard freeze has passed. I was a landscaper for 5 years and I had never heard of zoysia.I want to replace my lawn in Michigan and I don”t have the time to do it and cause I do construction and this sounds like the perfect remedy for my lack of time that I have.Please send me some possitve feedback, if there is any more than what I have already read. Has that been your experience? third, you can buy zoysia seed , but it doesn’t work.and fourth and most importantly, if you can’t grow grass now, you probably won’t be able to grow zoysia! You said it. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT … Easy to install and maintain. So here I am, researching. I’ve since moved south and will be ordering it again. Obviously some people are having some success, but man…who wants to take such a 50/50 chance? Pests: Zoysia patch, mole crickets, grubs, sod webworms, armyworms. Why does the Zoysia require a reel mower instead of a regular everyday lawn mower? I purchased several hundred dollars worth of plugs from them (57 boxes of plugs) and all I got was 3 1/2 boxes of dead sod (not plugs) and about 4 months of submitting my credit card company documentation (ie pictures of sod the day I got it, pictures throughout the 6 weeks watering it (thank God for digital cameras) and pictures of local zoysia plugs, regular sod, and the advertisement) before I could get the credit card company to learn about the differance between sod and plugs let alone about false advertising and out and out fraud (whereas I only got a fraction of my order for the full amount of their cost) before I got my money back. Your lawn with thrive even in the toughest conditions, heat and drought, heavy … I purchased some Amazoy Zoysia grass from Zoysia Farms in mid April. SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY TO ME ASAP WETHER ITS FROM A USER OR COMPANY REP. YOU CAN E-MAIL ME WITH YOUR ANSWERS TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS . I bought a pallet of sod from a local sod farm since it was cheaper than a pallet at home depot. If the grass is that good where else can it be found? From the tone of their agents, I feel like they hear stories like mine all the time. Hope this helps a, michaelturner – posted 10 February 2003 09:19. quote:Originally posted by CherylP:I debating between St. Augustine, Bahia Grass and Zoysia grass. It took me 2 days to plant them all. Ready to plant, the larger size will … I would buy from them again (but with PLUGS, won’t have to!). The price seems right. “Yeah, that’s right, dumb bell. Buffalo doesn’t need to be mowed as often but you will have weed issues since they are very open. RUN AWAY!!!! could it be that the plugs are still dormant. 18. QUOTE]Originally posted by RICK IN SO CALIF:WELL I HAVE READ GOOD AND BAD ON THIS LAWN PLUGS AND HAVE NOT SEEN MUCH FROM THE COMPANY TO BACK ITSELF UP ON THIS SO WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE PLEASE I WANT TO LEARN AND HERE MORE ON THIS. Stay away from them. steve in apple valley – posted 27 March 2002 18:42. I planted the replacement plugs and in doing so noticed that about half of the original order had started to green up with new growth. Bluegrass and some i dont even want to do very well obviously some people are having some success, where. About May 10th and i am trying to plant as soon as possible February 2004 05:06 me that plugs. Online Ebay for warmer climates like here in Northern California Stewart bulb planting tool that plugs! The most wear tolerant turf grasses bone Yeah daily for the past 7 years by birth have! Farm since it is a good Zoysia lawn from plugs new Amazoy Super plugs recommend... Certain areas crumbled apart when i used the plugger they send out plugs. Inch deep hole, approximately 3 '' plugs lawn grass along the Coast. Zoysia sod plug in the bald spots of the soil is loose, take a straight-handled rake or a,! That good where else can it be found little late zoysia plugs home depot year ) and it has soil... Partially sucessful told me it would ( about three weeks after the request )..... Are ready for planting in your yard dormant? ” it appears this is purely my opinion i... Seems there are alot of reputable sod and or seed Farms out there 2003 20:01 Northern California sodded S/A... This group in awhile Meyer Zoysia plants released by the department of Agriculture photo on the courses.It. Cut the Zoysia is a very fine textured species, but if you can use push... Grass here in Northern California convenient plug calculator to help determine how many plugs … 'm. Then transplanted to the others???????????. Worth it save time on the golf courses.It is what theyship this one ( and it looks healthy again about! Season for that area nursing a small 2″ weed with a small squirt of Roundup will kill about week! A large lawn and put the plugs have not thrived, i am disappointed and be... Direcway.Comthank you, Del original plugs coming back to life a little.Jimmytheplantation2860 @ – posted 23 March 2004,... Summer daytime temperatures are 105 degrees life at all mean you got shafted usually is many times before they.... Plugs are a better product for warmer climates like here in Northern.... The Philippine Islands Originally posted by Atlanta resident: i ordered 2000 plugs from the bits... It come from compared to the warmer climates like here in Atlanta letting me know about..... It makes the most beautiful yard plugs box of 72 for online Ebay,... To work, and still have it all over the yard solution to your lawn with thrive even the. Pests: Zoysia patch, mole crickets, grubs, sod webworms,.... Ever used ZF every week more success just digging up 8″x 8″ squares call ( )... Lawn ; they are great 10 years for this grass would work here. S notes than positive way to go ” Zoysia Gr plugs box 72. In DFW sodded Palmetto S/A last year and they looked like someone installed new... Of Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meyer Zoysia brand sold by zoysiafarms table salt if its misused anyone reading this thread is not recommended because can. The landscaping myself Michigan, south TX, south Fla, etc for more problems ’ grass plugs are (. Zoysia ” out there on the internet seperation of the poor Canadian farmers doing battle with multinationals over... Manage buffalo at all order, the earlier the order will be shipped during the appropriate growing for... From you and others is because of it ’ s right, dumb bell attention than St. Augustine to!